of the Arctic Birds Breeding Conditions Survey


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center: 3°1.888' W:89°22.240' N 1:59000000
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Make sure that "Queries" pane above is expanded.

Get list of species, for which data are available by pushing "Query" button below "View list of species" invitation. Latin name of a species can be copied from the list to the "Species name" field or typed-in there (but exactly as it appears in the species list).

Fill BOTH "Year Start" and "Year End" fields for desired time interval (database spans period from 1978 to 2009, but most of the data start from 1995). Push lower "Query" button.

Query results will be tabulated in the window below the map, and can be browsed through or copied. Map will be fitted to selected data-points (red color).

Instruments on toolbar above the map can be used to zoom in and out, drag and re-center the map, and get information about sites.

Click on the hyperlink in the right-most column of results table to display page with the breeding conditions report from this site.

Site labels will appear at a zoom 1 : 10 000 000.

Back arrow does not allow to return to the previous state of the map; use zoom tools or re-run the query instead.

Saving map is currently only possible via capturing screen, e.g., by pressing PrtSc button; picture can be then pasted in a graphic editor.